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Over the years, we have attained a high degree of specialisation in private label services. Our success here stems from our work with the largest retail chains in Europe, as well as our individual clients around the world.


Van Pur offers a comprehensive range of private label services, tailored to the individual product, packaging and delivery needs of each client. These include design consultancy and merit-based assistance.


When implementing private label projects, our clients can make use of a wide range of possibilities. For those looking for quality premium products, we provide lagers with rich taste and aroma. For clients who enjoy innovative products, we offer flavoured beers, beer-mixes and non-alcoholic beers. In terms of traditional taste, we offer beers brewed in open vats and a selection of unique kvass and malt based soft-drinks. Finally, our economic segment complies with all of our usual quality standards, but will still satisfy value driven clients.


We also ensure that every client gets the products they want in the packaging they need. Our breweries run filling lines for glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and kegs. Additionally, Van Pur strives to meet the increasing need for innovation, adopting technology which extends the shelf life of beer stored in 0.5l to 1.5l PET bottles). We also supply goods in a wide range of multipacks, including trays, cartons and shrink multipacks, in different quantities and capacities. 


We guarantee reliable deliveries anywhere in the world. The strategic location of Van Pur’s five breweries have allowed us to optimize our ground transportation logistics for the European market, guaranteeing timely delivery. We also provide convenient and well-planned shipping from the international sea port in Gdynia, which ensures optimal offshore logistics.

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