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Van Pur was established in 1989. Three years later, In 1992, it set in motion one of the first canning lines in Poland, in Rakszawa, not far from the south-eastern city of Rzeszów. Throughout the first year, the company concentrated exclusively on beer filling, as a co-packaging unit for other beer producers. A year later, in 1993, Van Pur began brewing its own beer. 


The first Van Pur brew was Van Pur Premium, which even today is still one of the Rakszawa brewery’s best-selling beers. Since then, the beer market has been greatly expanded. Initially, Van Pur took the opportunity to become a precursor on the national market of strong beers, producing beverages with 18% extract by weight. Subsequently, the company focused on building a broad portfolioof products and solutions for the retail, both on Polish and international markets.


In 2000, a change in ownership took place. Until 2003, the breweries were owned by the Austrian company, Brau Union. But after those three short years, Van Pur was bought back by the original owners and became, once again, an independent Polish brewery. This heralded a period of dynamic development, with the breweries in Zabrze and Koszalin folded into the Company’s structure in 2005 and 2009 respectively. As a result of a contract concluded with Royal Unibrew in 2011, the Łomża and Jędrzejów breweries increased Van Pur’s production capacity. Now, the network of five Van Pur breweries has an annual production capacity of 4 million hectolitres.


After two decades of specialisation on the beer market, Van Pur branched out in2013 with malt-based non-alcoholic beverages. This was the first expansion of the Company’s portfolio into soft drinks.


Van Pur is constantly modernising its production technology, and was the first brewer in Poland to manufacture its own packaging. In 2013, at the brewery in Rakszawa, a plasmax-coated PET bottling line was installed. Plasmax is an ultrathin coating which provides an optimal barrier against gas migration from PET bottles, at the same time protecting beer from oxidation and loss of CO2. The quality and freshness of the bottled product is then preserved for extended expiry dates.


Recent years have seen a resurgence of development in the Company, both structurally and strategically. In 2014, Van Pur implemented a new system of warehouse management and considerably expanded its Export and Marketing departments.

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