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We set our standards by how well we meet or exceed our client’s requirements, and on the strength and longevity of our business relationships. All of these goals are built on three principles: quality, cost and delivery times. We believe that by continually evolving our competence in both the brewing business and in international trade, we can open up new horizons, for both us and our clients.


Our clients’ trust is built on the quality of our beverages. Therefore, we source our raw materials from reliable, certified suppliers, and pay the closest possible attention to the quality of our water sources. Amongst others, Van Pur breweries hold international HACCP, BRC and IFS food safety certification. Part of the quality process at Van Pur lies in tailoring our quality requirements to our clients’ needs. At every stage of production – from brewing and bottling to packaging and distribution – we monitor the quality process to ensure the maximum satisfaction with the end product. After all, quality is the foundation of all of our business.


Our Company’s development is grounded in its business relations, and meeting needs of our traditional and modern trade clients is our first priority. Van Pur guarantees an individual approach to the fulfilment of every order.


We maintain our competitive advantage by pursuing innovative brewing technology, and by expanding our infrastructure to increase our productivity. Importantly, the technological solutions we have introduced are environmentally friendly, and have been selected to better meet our clients’ needs. For example, in 2013 we expanded our packaging lines to handle light, practical PET packaging. We were also the first in Poland, and only the second in Europe, to introduce plasmax technology for PET packaging. Ultrathin plasmax layers provide the optimal barrier against gas migration, and beer stored in light, crystal-clear PET bottles with a plasmax layer preserves its freshness and taste with an extended best-before date. Plasmax PET bottles are also 100% recyclable.

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