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Silesia, the powerhouse of Poland, is the land of beer drinkers, which is why we brew here with particular pride. Van Pur’s Śląskie beer originates from the Zabrze brewery – the oldest commercial production site in the city – and its taste is as rich as the brewery’s own history.


The history of brewing in Zabrze began in 1860 when the city was under German rule. It was here that Leobal Haendler built the first local brewery. The demand for beer soon grew, persuading Haendler to expand his production and transform into a joint-stock company.


The brewery remained in German hands until the Second World War – at first it was owned by the Ostwerke A.G. company of Berlin, then Schultheiss-Patzenhofer A.G. took over in 1928. Beer production in Zabrze continued without interruption throughout both World Wars, despite partial damage to the brewery.


The Zabrze brewery resumed production and was expanded in 1958. In 1963, The Brewing and Malting Plant of Zabrze was established, which concentrated the local brewing industry into a busy 220,000 hectoliter-per-year enterprise.


The 1990s began a new, but difficult chapter in the history of the Zabrze brewery. The waves of privatization and modernisation spreading throughout Poland paradoxically did not contribute to the further development of the plant. On the contrary, by 1999 the brewery stood on the brink of bankruptcy. But despite this, its beer production carried on, thanks to the persistence and extraordinary engagement of its employees.


Van Pur became the owner of the Zabrze brewery in 2005, whereupon it immediately executed a comprehensive investment program. Now, in 2014, we brew 680,000 hectolitres of beer every year at this location. Apart from its ten modern cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks, the brewery has eight open fermenters, thanks to which we can continue brewing according to the traditional recipes.

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