Brewery in Rakszawa

At 1.4 million hectolitres, the Rakszawa brewery has the highest annual production capacity of all of Van Pur’s breweries. Although the majority of the beer produced at Rakszawa is exported, it also supplies a leading local brand – Karpackie. The Rakszawa brewery is also home to our malt-based soft drinks.


Building the brewery in Rakszawa in 1992, we revived a regional brewing tradition that has existed in the area since the 17th century. For 300 years, local micro-breweries have brewed a variety of local beers, although the details of their activities are lost to time. It is thought that regular production in the area most likely came to an end in 1910, when part of Rakszawa, including the wooden brewing houses, were burned to the ground in a fire of unknown origin.


But in 1993, the first batch of Van Pur Premium was produced at the newly-opened brewery. The tradition of brewing had returned for good.


Since then, the Rakszawa brewery has continued to develop dynamically. By 1997, it was already producing 350,000 hectolitres of beer annually, mainly for foreign markets. In 2000, the brewery was briefly part of the Austrian company, Brau Union, until it returned to Van Pur after about three years.


The Rakszawa brewery is fitted with filling lines capable of handling glass bottles and cans, and also features one of the most advanced PET bottle lines in Europe.


Its IFS certificate confirms its fulfilment of the highest standards of food safety.

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