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Łomża beer originates from the picturesque valley of Narew, and is the leading brew produced by the Łomża brewery. For many years now, Łomża has been one of the most popular beers in the eastern regions of Mazovia, Podlasie, Warmia and Masuria. But it’s not only a local favourite, as today it can be enjoyed on a variety of new and foreign markets, winning the hearts of beer lovers all over Poland and around the world.


Beer production at the Łomża brewery began in 1968. At that time, the brewery belonged to a state-owned food enterprise, Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Spożywczego (PPS). From the very beginning of its existence, the Łomża brewery specialised in bottom-fermented light beers. At first, its annual production capacity averaged around 250,000 hectolitres – just enough to satisfy the local market.


But in 1994, the Company began the privatisation process that, six years later, led the brewery to officially separating itself from the PPS. As a newly independent company, the Łomża brewery was completely modernised. Investments included a whole new brew house, fermentation tanks, a canning line and a flash pasteuriser for the bottling line. The entire brewery was then brought up to International health and safety standards. From 2007 to 2011, it was part of the Danish firm, Royal Unibrew, before its acquisition by Van Pur.


Since its establishment, the Łomża brewery has increased its performance fourfold. Today, twelve modern cylindrical-conical tanks, each with a capacity of 2,100 hectolitres, generate nearly 1,2 million hectolitres of beer annually. The brewery has also introduced the Integrated Quality Management Service, which ensures the highest quality of its beer production. As a result, Łomża beer is BRC international quality-certified.

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