Brewery in Koszalin

The history of the brewery in Koszalin conceals the secret of Brok’s amber colour and characteristic aroma.


150 years ago, there were several small, artisanal breweries belonging to landowners in the Koszalin area. The local barley market was well developed, and the thirst for beer among the community there was unquenchable. This inspired local buyers to commence beer production on an industrial scale.


In 1868, they began construction on a full-scale brewery, which was completed six years later. Over the next 50 years, the brewery in Koszalin worked to meet local demand – around 28,000 hectolitres of beer annually.


Eventually, the outbreak of the First World War forced the brewery’s owners to incorporate it into the structure of a larger company, owned by Richard Ruckforth. This had the effect of keeping production up during the difficult times – throughout the Second World War, the brewery achieved annual production of 60,000 hectolitres – and also saved it from bankruptcy.


The Koszalin brewery’s history took another turn after the war, when Koszalin fell under Soviet control. Production was suspended, and for several years the brewery functioned as a warehouse for the Red Army. Only in 1960 was the Brok Brewery (as it was then named) incorporated into the structure of the state-owned beer and malt enterprise, Koszalińskie Zakłady Piwowarsko-Słodowniczne, where it once again resumed brewing activities.


In 1990, the Koszalin brewery was privatised and fell into the hands of yet another foreign owner, although Van Pur later recued it from closing down when it bought the brewery from Danish brewing concern, Royal Unibrew.


To-date, Van Pur has made considerable investments in the Koszalin brewery’s development, and we are proud of what it has become. The brewery now possesses 24 unitanks, producing 680,000 hectolitres of beer annually, and also has its own canning, bottling and kegging lines, as well as a CO2 recovery station, which helps us safeguard the local natural environment. Finally, it is the richness of the brewery’s natural surroundings, the sea breeze and its own hardy brewing tradition that give Brok beer its splendid taste and distinct amber colour.

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