What began as a local enterprise is today a global brewing success – Van Pur is now the largest independent Polish brewing company, offering beers and non-alcoholic malt beverages. We are also an acknowledged Private Label partner.

  • Łomża

    Regional beer

    Łomża keeps the character of true regional beer thanks to its origin and attention to the highest quality. Now available also on international markets.
  • Brok

    Freedom of choice

    The vicinity of clean lakes, forests and sea is the secret to the production of Brok beer.
  • Brok Specialty

    The flagship styles of the craft beer

    Carefully selected malts and hops and the unique brewing process. This constitutes our special craft beer line.
  • Karpackie

    A moment of rest

    Karpackie is available in four variations with an alcohol content from 4% to 9% ABV. It will meet various moods and tastes. The name comes from The Carpathian Mountains, which are placed near to...
  • Van Pur

    Pilsen type

    The leading beer brand from Van Pur breweries. Brewed for over 20 years using only carefully selected and finest ingredients.
  • Edelmeister

    Classics of the old continent

    Inspired by the traditional method of brewing which derives from classic beer making.
  • Halne

    HALNE STRONG by nature
  • Hermann Muller

  • Roger

    Brewed from the finest ingredients.
  • Cortes


    Cortes is an incredibly light lager with a smooth taste. It's delicate malt and bitter notes can be an ideal combination with tequila too. This beer can be perfectly refreshing and allows us to...
  • Van Pur Malt Drink

    This is Van Pur Malt Drink – a pure and simple, non-alcoholic revitalizing malt beverage.

Regional Łomża, distinct Karpackie and crisp and fresh Edelmeister – our flagship products, are valued by consumers in over 50 countries.  Thanks to the success of these brands, Van Pur ranks first place among Polish beer exporters.

Gran Malta and Van Pur Malt Drink constitute a refreshing, soft drink supplement to our products’ portfolio. The perfect taste of the non-alcoholic malt beverages and their high quality are a result of connecting the original recipes with the newest technology.

We also specialize in private labels and are dedicated to working with the largest retail chains. We offer our business partners premium and best value products in a full range of packaging.


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